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Theft/Shoplifting/Non-Citizen: A client who was a foreign national with a green card retained me after being stopped for shoplifting. A criminal conviction could result in deportation. My client paid a civil fine to the store, which agreed it was satisfied and didn't wish a criminal charge to proceed. No charge was filed.

Theft/Identity Theft: A mother retained me to represent her adult daughter facing multiple state felony charges here after completing a sentence in federal prison. The client had completed long-term drug treatment. We persuaded the court to reinstate bail so she could travel on her own back to the state. Her family paid full restitution to the victim. The prosecution reduced the multiple felonies to a single misdemeanor and released the client to return to her home state to live with her family.

Insurance Fraud: A client retained me after he was convicted in Pierce County. His lawyer failed to appear repeatedly for hearings. He fell asleep in the hallway during trial recesses. I investigated and discovered the lawyer was then in in-patient drug treatment. He had been suspended from practice while he was representing my client, and had been defending himself against a drug charge in King County. Our motion for new trial based on ineffective assistance of counsel was granted.

Shoplifting: A woman "of a certain age" was arrested for shoplifting. She had never in her life been accused of wrongdoing. She had raised her children. She had financial resources. She didn't understand herself why she had stolen something she could have bought. I referred her to a counselor who diagnosed her with depression, based in part on her stage of life. She made amends with the victim. We negotiated a continuance on the condition she work with the counselor for a period of time, and the case would then be dismissed.


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