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Theft/Identity Theft:
A mother retained me to represent her adult daughter facing multiple state felony charges here after completing a sentence in federal prison. The client had completed long-term drug treatment. We persuaded the court to reinstate bail so she could travel on her own back to the state. Her family paid full restitution to the victim. The prosecution reduced the multiple felonies to a single misdemeanor and released the client to return to her home state to live with her family.

Forgery/Identity Theft: Parents retained me to represent their adult son arrested for multiple counts of identity theft and forgery. It soon became clear the son had a serious drug addiction. We worked over a period of months to break his denial, to educate the parents, and to persuade him to enter a drug treatment program. Once we solved the underlying problem, the prosecutor let the case go with a single count of forgery and credit for jail time served. Many years later, the client remains drug-free, healthy, and has had his conviction vacated.

Robbery/Assault: A young man was charged with robbing another man in the men's room of a convenience store, then driving off and shooting at the robbery victim when he gave chase. The store's video surveillance showed the "victim" using a cell phone to call someone when he asked the owners to call the police. Our investigation of phone records revealed the "victim" was many lies, .
a drug dealer. Realizing they had been duped the prosecution offered a very favorable resolution.

Domestic Violence Felony Assault: A man retained me after other lawyers asked him if his wife would say she "ran into a door." He didn't want his wife to lie. He treasured his marriage and family. He was frightened by the injury he caused. He wanted to control his anger. He hoped to save his marriage and himself. We got him into domestic violence treatment and negotiated a favorable resolution.

Property Destruction:
Parents retained me to represent their teenaged son who, with several friends, blew up a porta-potty with a bundle of sparklers. They captured the event on video. The boys were arrested at the scene. Before the prosecutor decided on any charge, the boys went to the porta-potty company, paid for the damage, and volunteered to clean portapotties for a day. What had been publicized as a terrorist crime involving "explosive devices" was resolved as a misdemeanor of reckless burning and diversion from the court system with no criminal record.

Juvenile Sex Offenses:
A young client was charged with voyeurism for looking in a neighbor's window. We obtained a psychological sexual deviancy evaluation of him. His lack of sexual maturity and experience led the psychologist to conclude that he was looking not for purposes of "sexual gratification," as the crime requires, but out of mere curiosity. The prosecution resolved the case with criminal trespass and diversion, with no criminal record.

Juvenile Sex Offenses:
An 11-year-old male client had sexual contact with his younger sister. The children's father had recently died. The family was in great emotional upheaval.  We obtained a sexual deviancy evaluation of the boy. He began counseling with a sex offender treatment provider who specializes in children. We created a safety plan for the children. The State agreed not to file a criminal charge.

Child Sex Offense:
After a client confessed to his clergyman that he had molested six children, he retained me. I immediately had him evaluated for sexual deviancy. Our expert found him appropriate for treatment. The law does not permit a SSOSA for six separate charges. We challenged admissibility of evidences.  I persuaded the prosecutor to reduce some charges if the client would plead guilty. After a highly charged sentencing hearing with many community members for and against the treatment option, the court granted a SSOSA to my client. After local jail time, he returned to his family and successfully completed treatment.

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