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In some cases, there is no question of what happened. I frequently represent clients who admit they committed a crime. They don't want the ordeal of a trial. But they want a sentence they can live with.

Washington's laws for felony sentences are very strict. The sentence is largely determined by the name of the crime and a person's criminal history. A judge does not have the authority to impose whatever sentence is "just." The more serious the offense, the fewer options the court has.

Even a first offense carries a very serious sentence if it is a serious crime. Many sex offenses now carry a mandatory life sentence, although parole is possible after serving many years.

A thorough investigation helps persuade a prosecutor that the case against my client is weak.

I also work with my clients to take steps to remedy the wrong they have done. Often my clients wish to make amends. Often if a client makes amends, the prosecution and the court consider lower charges or sentences or even dismissal.

I also help clients address underlying problems that contributed to the offense. I work closely with mental health professionals, drug and alcohol treatment programs, and sex offender treatment providers to evaluate and assess clients. Together we determine whether treatment is appropriate. Prompt recognition of a problem and treatment can weigh in a client's favor for prosecutors deciding a charge and for judges who decide a penalty. Sometimes treatment can be factored into the sentence in place of jail time.

Successful examples of plea negotiations

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