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Homicide/Self-Defense: A family retained me on Friday after their son was arrested for shooting and killing a man. My investigator and I went to the scene over the weekend, we interviewed witnesses, and we located the crucial defense witness who had already left town. We obtained a sworn statement from that witness by Sunday night. I got it to the prosecuting attorney after hours. By the first court hearing on Monday morning, the prosecutor agreed it was a case of self-defense. The court released the client. No criminal charge was ever filed.

Rape: A member of a prominent band retained me when he learned a young woman who had gone home with him after a concert was claiming that he raped her. My investigator located the witness who saw them together at a store during the night, and the cab driver who picked her up at his residence in the morning -- after a long parting kiss at the door. No criminal charge was ever filed.

Homicide/Child Abuse: A new father retained me when his infant son was hospitalized in a coma. The State believed the child had been shaken to cause brain injury. The court restricted the parents' access to their child in the hospital. We obtained visitation to permit the young parents to see and hold their baby, who soon died. A later autopsy revealed no evidence of abuse. No charge was filed.

Rape: A prominent public official was accused of rape by a woman who came to his home under very unusual circumstances. Our investigator quickly uncovered this woman's bizarre history of prior false statements. We also located the driver who transported her to and from my client's home. No charge was filed and no accusation was made public.

Theft/Shoplifting/Non-Citizen: A foreign national with a green card retained me after being stopped for shoplifting. A criminal conviction could result in deportation. My client paid a civil fine to the store, which agreed it was satisfied and didn't wish a criminal charge to proceed. No charge was filed.

Child Sex Offense: In the course of a divorce, a toddler's mother alleged that the father was molesting their daughter. The police claimed to have obtained a sperm from the child's mouth. They arrested and briefly jailed my client. Applying the best science and careful observation over time, we persuaded the detective that the mother's behavior was abusive. No criminal charge was filed. The court ultimately awarded my client custody of his daughter.

Child Sex Offense -- CPS Investigations: A teacher conducted her own "investigation" at school and believed my client's three children were being sexually abused by their father. CPS interviewed the children at school and ordered the father out of the home. The mother retained me to protect the children and see that a proper and impartial investigation occurred.

We obtained a child interview expert who was better qualified than the prosecutor's. The prosecutor refused to video record child interviews. The court approved our expert instead of the prosecutor's to interview the children on video. When the State reviewed the videos, it agreed there was no evidence of sexual abuse. No criminal charge was filed and the family was reunited.

Voyeurism: A client was found to have set up a camera in the bathroom of a home in which he was a guest. The police arrested him and seized his equipment. We sent the client to a psychologist and a neurologist to investigate medications he was taking. We learned the medications had side effects of compulsive sexual behavior. We helped change his medications. A later evaluation demonstrated he was not a sexual threat. We also challenged the police investigation. No criminal charge was ever filed.

Property Destruction/Identity Theft/Computers: A client who was terminated from her job was then accused of destroying computer files and stealing patient identification information. Witness interviews of co-workers established the employer's history of retaliation. A computer expert demonstrated the "missing" files remained in the "recycle" bin and were easily retrieved. The prosecutor dismissed the case.

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